Program Includes

The series of spelling, penmanship and creative writing for this language arts program include:

  1. Lessons are already prepared for each day of the week for the 40 weeks that make up the school year for one grade level. See Sample Lesson Layout in navigation bar above.
  2. Access to your lessons are in the members area once you have identified your learning level and have signed up.
  3. Pretest kit HERE


Spelling Words used in grades 1 through 9

  • These spelling words are placed on grade levels and are labeled with the letters of the alphabet A-H. All words are presented in sentence form with a word from the preceding level for a continuous review.

Seasonal Words

  • presented during the time they are appropriate

Days Of The Week

  • presented twice in a given level and are repeated at the end of that level

Months Of The Year and their ABBREVIATIONS

  • presented in SEASON and repeated at the end of the level

Homonyms (one of a group of words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings)

  • presented individually and are repeated in pairs later on the same level

Other Subject Vocabulary

  • included on grade level

Length Of Spelling Lists

  • Levels A and B have 15 words and the rest of the levels have 25 words per week.


Penmanship and Creative Writing is outlined in a 50 page booklet for a low 1 time cost. These coordinate with the spelling lessons with

  1. Letters in printed form
  2. Letters in cursive form  (in America most commonly used to describe the method of writing that instructs students to join every letter in all words. In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, the phrase “joined-up writing”, “real writing” or “joint writing” is far more commonly used, while the term “running writing” or just “cursive” is most commonly used in Australia. Cursive is also commonly known as simply “handwriting” in Canada, New Zealand, and the US. Cursive is considered distinct from the “block letters” or “print-script” method of writing, in which the letters of a word are unconnected.


  • carefully outlined in blends of letters
  • correlated with the spelling lists

Creative Writing

  • Students are given a paragraph with a title that has words that start with the letters just studied.
  • Each paragraph uses all of the letters of the alphabet.
  • Students are encouraged to write their own paragraph.