Lesson Plans for Spelling

The school year is 40 weeks long in the USA. For those who would like to have help with the American language arts which covers spelling, penmanship and creative writing there is a special online program which has lessons prepared in the most efficient way to maximize the learners experience with learning.

There are 5 lessons that are available for each week which gives 200 lessons for each school year. The lessons have been prepared by an elementary school teacher with years of experience to help anyone who wants to learn the American English language with ease or for those students that need additional help to master the language.

The sequence of the words that are added each week help each student build on the words from the week before. That increases confidence as well as language skill. Sentences written for fill in the blank exercises help give the word a different orientation from the normal approach to spelling because the sentences direct the learner to associated content which allows the student to select the right word and connect the content.

For example without connecting words it is difficult for someone to distinguish between see and sea which are pronounced the same. When learning these words it is particularly helpful to be directed to see the things that relate to the eye being able to look at and identify items and sea to words that are connected to boats, fishing in the ocean, cruising and things related to large bodies of water.

When you have the extra association of the connecting words it makes learning easier as well as helps the learner have a strong base for building on the words when future sentences trigger the  meaning of the words as well as the spelling.

It is very exciting to learn the language arts in this way and extremely effective.

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