Learning Levels A-H

An easy pretest will show you on which level to begin. To get a copy click on: Pretest Kit The regular price for the  pretest kit is $9.95  To receive a lower price bonus for purchasing the pretest kit for $2.95, put your name and email into the form to the right and a 1 week sample of the lesson plan will be sent along with your link to receive the lower bonus pretest price. Once you have purchased the  kit you will immediately be redirected to the download page.

When you take the pretest or administer it to any adult or child who wants to easily learn to spell in American English, write with the penmanship module or learn to do creative writing use these guidelines:

Knowing your level of spelling vocabulary gives you your reading level.

When the student takes the pretest they should not miss more than 20% of the words. Start on the level you think you or the student might be on

Ex: if they are in the 5th grade start on level D.

  • If they miss more that 20% of the words have them retake the pretest for level C which is the 4th grade list of spelling words.
  • If they got a 100% on level D have them retake the pretest at level E which is 6th grade. If they do not miss  more than 20% of the words they should start on level E and work on the 6th grade words and level even though they are in the 5th grade.

This way the student moves up or down in the levels to let them be comfortable with learning. Review words are automatically built into the program so the student does not miss any of the words.

A change in level can occur at any time.  4 – 100% scores can give the student an opportunity to challenge the next level up so it makes it fun to choose if they want to work on a higher level.

It is possible to move 2-3 levels higher in each year if a student chooses to challenge the next level of words.