Guidelines For Teaching Spelling

Some special suggestions I have found over time that could be applied to almost every situation when teaching spelling penmanship or creative writing. You must know the learning level that the student is working on. Spelling levels also give reading levels so the lessons need to be organized where the scholar is above a 75  correct. A straightforward pretest can give you the level to begin with in the lessons.

1. Use three kinds of lessons for the learner auditory using vision and kinesthetic. In other other words allow learners to hear the correct spelling of words see the spellings and have ‘hands-on experiences.

2. Teach spelling words that seem sensible to the learner. It is a waste of your time and the student’s attention to teach words  regardless of if found in a standard spelling book  the student is unlikely to use and have little meaning. On the other hand you need to use words from the student’s science and social studies lessons as well as words related to stories current events and special calendar days. It is recommended to use these when doing the creative writing exercise.

3. Give learners the foundation for spelling successfully. That implies making sure learners hear the sounds made by consonants short vowel sounds long vowel sounds and diphthongs. Teach some of the most recognized rules and spelling techniques.

4. Simple exercises in spelling whenever possible. Introduce words that have similar patterns at the same time. As an example teach out loud around count ground and sound in the same week.

Group tough words together.

  • Introduce learners er words in one list: perfect, alert, concern, perfume, expert
  • Then give them ur words in another list: turkey, return, hurricane, curtain

If learners do remember the spelling of one word in the group and any of the other words that belong in the same group it’s simpler to spell the difficult syllables in the correct way.

5. Schedule a variety of practice in many of formats. Oral exercises puzzles worksheets and games all have their value in successful spelling programs. Spelling homework is important too. All these activities accept it or not can be really fun

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