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Lesson Plans for Spelling

The school year is 40 weeks long in the USA. For those who would like to have help with the American language arts which covers spelling, penmanship and creative writing there is a special online program which has lessons prepared … Continue reading

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Guidelines For Teaching Spelling

Some special suggestions I have found over time that could be applied to almost every situation when teaching spelling penmanship or creative writing. You must know the learning level that the student is working on. Spelling levels also give reading … Continue reading

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Learning Language Arts-What Is The Best Approach?

Students and teachers often ask the easiest way to teach spelling to an adult or to their kids. Is there one best path Is there one spelling program recommended above all others And even “Can’t you just give me the … Continue reading

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Spelling, Penmanship And Creative Writing On Level

All people learn at different levels and at different times. Once the grade level is identified and the child or adult is able to work on a level where they are comfortable it makes all the difference in the sense … Continue reading

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